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Gamnqoa Kukama

About the Artist

Gamnqoa Kukama (b. 1955) (photo from Kuru Kalahari website).
Gamnqoa Kukama (b. 1955) (photo from Kuru Kalahari website).

Gamnqoa Kukama (1955 - ) - Khoisan people, Ghanzi, Botswana

Gamnqoa (the heel or hock of a lion) found in his art a meaningful link to his past. It enlivens memories that would otherwise have been lost or dwell in his mind only. He grew up in a hunter-gatherer lifestyle and worked as farm labourer before his involvement in art. He started his career as an artist with the Kuru Art Project in 1997. He is well known for his oil paintings and linocuts of animals full of movement and flexibility.  (Bio courtesy of Kuru Art Project).

Porcupine and Babies
SKU: GQO-1501

Reduction linocut, #7/17, 2014
(7 7/8" h. x 11" w. image size on 12 3/4" x 15 3/4" sheet)


The Great Race Gamnqoa Kukama
SKU: GQO-0601

Gamnqoa Kukama (b. 1955) - Khoisan people, Ghanzi, Botswana
Reduction linocut, #10/11, 2006
(4 1/4" h x 9 3/8"w)


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