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Still Life with Man in Blue Jacket

Oil on board (18 x 23 1/2), c.1955
Label on back reads: Art Lending Service of the Museum of Modern Art, NYC. No: LS 567-450 Gallery: Le Centre d'Art, Haiti Framed: Dain Schiff, Inc. NYC
Two closely related and contemporary (1955) paintings by Montas Antoine are pictured in Island on Fire: Passionate Images of Haiti from the Collection of Jonathan Demme , 1997, illus. #33, 34.
Other related early 1950's works are in the Winslow Anderson collection at the Huntington Museum of Art and the Flagg collection of the Milwaukee Art Museum.

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Montas Antoine. (photograph reproduced from Haitian Art: The Legend and Legacy of the Naive Tradition by L.G. Hoffman, Davenport Art Gallery, 1985)

A member of the "First Generation" of Haitian artists, Montas Antoine was born in Leogane on December 14, 1926. He joined the famous Centre d'Art in 1951, while still serving as a soldier in the Haitian army. He turned to painting full-time in 1960. One of the great Haitian intuitive painters, Antoine's work has been exhibited widely, and is now included in the permanent collections of the Musee d'Art Haitien du College Saint Pierre in Port-au-Prince, the Milwaukee Museum of Art, the Wadsworth Atheneum in Hartford, Connecticut, and the New Orleans Museum of Art.