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Jinadu Oladepo

About the Artist

Jinadu Oladepo  (1924 - ?)

Born in Oshogbo, Oshun state, Nigeria in 1924.  The younger brother of Asiru Olatunde, Jinadu Oladepo was trained as a blacksmith through family apprenticeship.  Encouraged by Susanne Wenger and Georgina Beier through the Oshogbo workshops, Oladepo created figurines, pendants, bangles, rings and buttons from 1965 (information from Nigerian Artists:  A Who's Who and Bibliography - Bernice M. Kelly and Janet L. Stanley, and other sources).  In addition to sculpture, Oladepo was known for his paintings.  A collection of his paintings are in the collection of the Glasgow Museums.

The Hunter
SKU: JOD-2301

Oshogbo, Nigeria
Oil on masonite board (24" h. x 12"w.)


Egungun Masquerade
SKU: JOD-2302

Oshogbo, Nigeria
Oil on masonite board (20 1/8" h. x 8 3/4” w.)


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