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Joseph Oldof Pierre

About the Artist

Joseph Oldof Pierre - Port-au-Prince, Haiti, 1991 (photo by Anthony Fisher)
Joseph Oldof Pierre - Port-au-Prince, Haiti, 1991 (photo by Anthony Fisher)

Oldof was born 1955, in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Oldof followed in the footsteps of his father as a practitioner of Vodou. According to Tina Girouard, he determined to become a houngan after being cured of a series of illnesses by his father's treatments. He actively pursued the sequin art from 1980, the year of his father's death, until his own untimely death in 1994. Like many collectors, we first met Oldof selling his work outside the Museé d'Art Haitien in Port-au Prince. His work is published in Sequin Artists of Haiti (Girouard, 1994) and Sacred Arts of Haitian Vodou (Cosentino, 1995). (Biographical information adapted from Tina Girouard's Sequin Artists of Haiti).

Kok Kalité (Rooster) Vodou flag
SKU: JOP-2101

Studio of Joseph Oldof Pierre - Style is consistent with Oldof's work but signature is ambiguous (Port-au-Prince, Haiti)
Sequins and beads on fabric (40” x 31”), c.1980's.
Ex. collection of Rudi Stern.
Note:  Some sequins show fading or discoloration, typical of nearly 40 year old sequins of this period.  


Erzulie Freda - Vodou flag
SKU: JOP-2301

(Port-au-Prince, Haiti)
Sequins and beads on fabric (33.25” x 35.25”), c.1990's.

This flag is being sold by Judy Hoffman for the benefit of the Art Creation Foundation for Children, which she founded in Jacmel, Haiti.


Baron Samedi - Vodou flag
SKU: JOP-2102

(Port-au-Prince, Haiti)
Sequins and beads on fabric (33” x 28”), c.1990's.

Ex. collection of Bob Brictson.



Sequins and beads on fabric (40 x 28), c.1990

This vintage flag by the late, beloved flag artist, Oldof, has been donated by the current owner for the benefit of Haitian Relief! THANK YOU!

$ 1,200

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Joseph Oldof Pierre (Port-au-Prince, Haiti)
Sequins and beads on fabric (30 x 39), c.1991


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