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Thialy (Ermistral Charles)

About the Artist

Thialy (1937 - ?)

Born in May, 1937, Ermistral Charles is known by the "nomme de guerre" of Thialy.  He started painting in 1973, and became known for a style of sgrafitto painting, with detailed linework scratched into the surface of the oil paint.  His work has been exhibited worldwide. Two of his paintings were in the show, "Haiti: Art Naif, Art Vaudou" at the Grand Palais in Paris in 1988 and are published in the catalog of the same name.  He lived in the village of Kenscoff, above Port-au-Prince.  I understand that Thialy is deceased, but I have not found a record of the date.


SKU: THI-2001

Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Oil on Canvas (40 x 30), 1984.  
Ex. collection of Carlos Jara


Erzulie - Vodou Flag
SKU: THI-9501

Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Oil on Canvas (36 x 24), c.1995.  Framed.
From private collection.  Originally purchased from Galerie Bourbon-Lally in Port-au-Prince in 1995.


SKU: THI-2002

Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Oil on Canvas (36" x 24"), 1989.  
Ex. collection of Carlos Jara.


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