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Wayacon (Julian Espinosa Rebollido)

About the Artist

Wayacon in Cienfuegos, Cuba. November, 2003  (Photograph © Anthony Hart Fisher).
Wayacon in Cienfuegos, Cuba. November, 2003 (Photograph © Anthony Hart Fisher).
Wayacon in Cienfuegos, Cuba. February, 2000  (Photograph © Anthony Hart Fisher).
Wayacon in Cienfuegos, Cuba. February, 2000 (Photograph © Anthony Hart Fisher).

The artist known as Wayacon was born Julian Espinosa Rebollido in 1931 in Guanaroca, in the province of Cienfuegos, Cuba. Interviewed by Gerald Mouial in 2003 he said, “I am of humble origins. At present, I am 72 years old, but officially I am 62. When I was born it was necessary to pay for the (birth) registration... Afterwards, in 1941, my birth was registered.”
Wayacon is a self-taught Cuban painter who seems remarkably unifluenced by the work of other artists or the predilections of critics. He explained his nickname: “Wayacon is a fish that swims in all kind of water, both dirty and clean. I was called the same thing because as a youngster I was rather unruly. I lived inside the Cemetery of Reina and inside an abandoned Spanish fortress. I lived inside the tombs; nobody disturbed me and I took my girlfriends there.”

Like his namesake, Wayacon paints on all kinds of materials - wood, canvas, scraps of cardboard - in mixed media, incorporating wax, buttons, pieces of wood, forks and spoons into the texture of his paintings. He also makes sculpture – mostly of wood and bones. “I began painting when I was a child, but at that time there were not many opportunities.… At that time I worked with bone a lot, I sculpted it. I had not attended art school. I lived here, I had a workshop, and I sold my paintings. I barely attended school. I studied until third grade, I have learned mostly from others.”

Today he lives primarily in the Villa Clara town of Remedios, but he exhibits his art with the group of self-taught artists in Cienfuegos: “I live a nomadic lifestyle. I sleep here in Remedios or in a house of a friend of mine, or in the house of José, or in the house of Aida Morales, or…”

His work has been exhibited in the United States as well as in Cuba. 
(Thanks to Gerald Mouial for the above quotes from Magic Art in Cuba).

Dos Mamitas
SKU: WAY-0103

Oil and mixed media on cardboard.
(14 x 18).

$ 550 framed

SKU: WAY-0305

Tempera, mixed media on cardboard
(15 1/2" x 9", not including handle), c.2000

$550 framed

SKU: WAY-0303

Tempera, mixed media on cotton shirt fabric
(17 x 8 1/4), c.2000


Mujeres Desnudas - Wayacon
SKU: WAY-004

Oil and wax on canvas
(20 1/2x11 1/2), 1997

$350 $280

Wayacon - Raton con Cuchara y Tenedor
SKU: WAY-005

Oil, wax and mixed media on canvas
(11 x 20)

$350 $262.50

SKU: WAY-0003

Oil and wax on canvas
(13 x 9 1/2), 2000


Product Status: 
SKU: WAY-0307

Oil, acrylic, mixed media on cotton jeans.
(36" x 22"), c.2000


Product Status: 
La Reina de los Suenos
SKU: WAY-0102

Wayacon (Julian Espinosa)

Oil on board, with frame by artist.
(27" x 16"), 1999


Product Status: 
SKU: Waya-7

Oil on board
(15 1/2x15), 1999


Product Status: 
Bag Painting
SKU: WAY-0304

Tempera, mixed media on woven plastic shopping bag
(19" x 15", not including handle), c.2000


Product Status: 
Hanger 2
SKU: WAY-0306

Tempera, mixed media on cardboard
(13" x 9", not including handle), c.2000


Product Status: