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Dieudonné Cedor

About the Artist

Dieudonné Cedor
Dieudonné Cedor

Dieudonné Cédor (1925 – September 27, 2010)

Born in Anse A Veau on March 8,1925,Cedor joined the Centre d'Art in 1947. He became a teacher the following year and even served as a member of the board of directors Co Founder of the "Foyer des Arts Plastiques". Cedor exhibited his work all over the world. From 1969, his work has been shown in Miami, Columbia, Venezuela, and Panama etc. In 1967 he executed with fellow artist Jean Nehemy, a mural at the then Francois Duvalier International Airport in Port-au-Prince. Considered by many as one of the greatest Haitian artists, his work is on permanent display at the Museum of Haitian Art at St Pierre College in Port-Au-Prince.  

Dieudonne Cedor was born in L'Anse a Veau on March 8th, 1925. Arriving at a young age in Port-Au-Prince where he started his primary studies at Tertulien Guilbaud to pursue at Beaubrun Ardouin. In 1944, he became a cabinetmaker, but seemed more interested in art. He joined the Art Center in December 1947.

At the "Centre d' Art", he worked under the supervision of Rigaud Benoit who taught him the elementary principals of pictorial art . Dewit Peters, founder of Centre d'Art, made him chief of the studio. In 1949, Cedor was chosen as a member of the committee of administration of the "Centre".

Merged in a conflict that opposed the artists and the management of the "Centre", he was elected president of the Haitian Artist Association. Later on became a member/founder of the "Foyer des Arts Plastiques" (F.D.A.P). From 1952 to 1956, he was the director of the F.D.A .P.

Cedor participated with Luckner Lazard and Roland Dorcely, at the foundation of the "Galerie Brochette" in 1956, where he stayed until 1962.. . In 1957, he was named director of the museum of Beaux-Arts of Port-Au-Prince. 

Dieudonne Cedor was considered one of the leading contemporary painters. His name can be found in all the major art books namely “ Peintres Haitiens” where the author Gerald Alexis refers to him as “ Cedor can handle any subject expressing joy or sorrow, the splendors and anxieties of life.”

(Bio. information courtesy of Galerie Martelly, Ro Gallery and others).

Les Marchandes
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Oil on canvas (24" x 20"), framed, 1988(?).

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