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Julien Valery

About the Artist

Julien Valery
Julien Valery

Julien Valery ( 1958 - July 2001 )

  • Julien Valery was born in 1958 in the small village of Coteau and was considered one of the most promising of the younger generation of Haitian artists. His paintings are anecdotal in subject, depicting such events as joyful weddings, magical ceremonies with mermaids, esoteric voodoo rituals and celebratory feasts. Both thoughtful and original, his work is also often humorous and startling, with hidden touches that might be missed at first glance.
  • Sadly, Julien Valery died in July 2001.
  • (Biographic notes from Haitian Art Company)
La Sirene
SKU: JV-2001

Julien Valery (Haitian, 1958-2001)
Oil on canvas (36" x 24")
c. 1984.  


Femme Nue
SKU: JV-2002

Julien Valery (Haitian, 1958-2001)
Oil on masonite board (36" x 24")
Ex. collection of Carlos Jara.  
Note:  some minor paint chipping at edges.  See photos.


Village Life
SKU: JV-9901

Oil on masonite (24" x 24")
c. 1995 (in gilded wood frame).  
Provenance:  ex. collection of Selden Rodman, Oakland, NJ, ex. Milagros Contemporary Art, San Antonio, TX. 


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