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Nacius Joseph

About the Artist

Nacius Joseph, shown holding his sculpture of "La Sirene", in 2010. (Photo: Bill Brubaker in "Haiti, the Art of Resilience", Smithsonian Magazine, 2010).

Nacius Joseph was born in the town of Petit Goave, Haiti, in 1939. He was the first Haitian sculptor in wood to be recognized internationally, and remains Haiti's foremost wood sculptor today. According to historian Ute Stebich: Nacius Joseph lived and worked in Port-au-Prince for a number of years, guided and advised by the sculptor Gilbert Duperrier. According to some observers, Joseph's art at first lacked originality and imagination. Only after his return to his native town was he able to define his own style. He emerged as a fine wood sculptor. Profoundly involved in voodoo, Joseph is the only Haitian artist working in wood who draws his subject matter from his belief system. Rooted in voodoo, his art is marked by great authenticity and strength of conviction. His complicated, elegant structures embody the poetic aspect of his religion rather than its austere grandeur. He works both in the round and in relief.
Biographical information from:  Haitian Art, by Ute Stebich, The Brooklyn Museum, Abrams, 1978


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Figures in a Long Fish-Boat
SKU: NAJ-1302

(Petit Goave, Haiti, b. 1939)
Wood sculpture (39 1/2" l. x 5" w. 5 1/4" h.) c. 1990's
Note:  Some cracking of wood due to age, as shown.



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Haitian Couple
SKU: NAJ-0801

Nacius Joseph (Petit Goave, Haiti, b. 1939)
Wood sculpture (13 1/2" h. x 5 1/2" w. 6 1/2" d.) c. 1990's


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Figures in a Boat
SKU: NAJ-1301

(Petit Goave, Haiti, b. 1939)
Wood sculpture (18 1/2" l. x 4 1/2" w. 8 1/4" h.) c. 1980's

$ 495

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Haitian Art

by Ute Stebich, Brooklyn Museum : exclusively distributed by H. N. Abrams (1978)

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