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Alberoi Bazile

About the Artist

Born 1920 in Jacmel, Haiti. The cousin of the famous painter, Castera Bazile, Alberoi began painting in 1951. He started his career in the army in 1942, and was transferred to the Port-au-Prince police department in 1951. In Port-au-Prince he met Dewitt Peters at the Centre d'Art, which he subsequently joined. He became a full-time painter in 1963. Though he certainly continued painting into the 1970's we did not have any further information on him until recently. We have recently been informed by his granddaughter that he passed away on October 15th, 2005.


Oil on board
(24 x 30), c.1960's (framed)

$2,600 SALE $ 1875


Alberoi Bazile (Port-au-Prince, Haiti)
Oil on board (30 x 24), c.1970

$ 1,400

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Oil on board
(12 x 10), c.1970 (purchased in Haiti in 1973) (framed)

$ 500

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Haitian Art

by Ute Stebich, Brooklyn Museum : exclusively distributed by H. N. Abrams (1978)

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