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Lionel St. Eloi

About the Artist

Lionel St. Eloi.  Undated photo courtesy of Le Centre d'Art.
Lionel St. Eloi. Undated photo courtesy of Le Centre d'Art.
Lionel St. Eloi. (photograph by Nancy Josephson. Reproduced with permission)
Lionel St. Eloi. (photograph by Nancy Josephson. Reproduced with permission)
Lionel St. Eloi. Port-au-Prince, November, 2009 (Photograph © Anthony Hart Fisher)
Lionel St. Eloi. Port-au-Prince, November, 2009 (Photograph © Anthony Hart Fisher)

Born 1950 in Port-au-Prince. St. Eloi began painting in1972, at which time he joined the Centre d’Art. In the 1990’s he shifted his attention to sculpture, composed of aluminum pans and other found materials. His work is included in the permanent collections of the Musée d’Art Haitien, Ramapo College (NJ) and the New Orleans Museum of Art. It is published in Where Art is Joy (Rodman, 1988), Haiti: Actualities and Belief (Roche, 1990), and Island on Fire (Demme, 1997).

Biography posted by Le Centre d'Art:

Lionel St. Eloi was born in 1950 in Port-au-Prince and grew up in the “Carrefour Feuilles” neighborhood where he still lives today. After having first cut his artistic “teeth” on ceramics, drawing and painting at Poto Mitan, he was introduced to Le Centre d’Art in 1972 where he took classes with Antonio Joseph, Franck Louissant and participated in life at the Center.

At first he dedicated himself to painting, but towards the 1990s, due to the lack of painting material because of the embargo, he started to explore salvaged sculpture and used materials like aluminum, old metal files, barbed wire, used parts, forks, flowers, jewelry, etc. His sculptures, often inspired by mystic elements are a unique genre, and quickly gave him international recognition.

His works have been exhibited internationally, in particular at the Grand Palais, the Abbaye de Daoulas, the Halle Saint-Pierre, the Fowler Museum, the Ramapo College Art Gallery, the Musée du Montparnasse, the Outsider Art Fair of NY and the Arco in Madrid. His work is part of the permanent collections at the Waterloo Museum, Le Centre d’Art and the Musée d’Art Haïtien du Collège Saint-Pierre.


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Angel with a Horn
SKU: LSTE-2001

Recycled aluminum, steel and other metals (20" h. x 23” w. x 18” d.), c.2010.
Ex. collection of Nancy Josephson.  Nancy bought this from the artist when he was living in a tent on the Champs de Mars, Port-au-Prince following the January 12, 2010 earthquake.


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Recycled aluminum and steel 51" h. x 23" w.), 1995

$ 950

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Kafou: Haiti, Art and Vodou

Edited by Alex Farquarson and Leah Gordon
With Contributions by Colin Dayan, Katherine Smith, Wendy Asquith, Michael Richardson and others.
Nottingham Contemporary, Nottongham, UK 2012
248 pages (hardcover)

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