I will be working out of state this week, and so will not be shipping or open for vistors at the gallery.   The Indigo Arts website will be active as always, I will respond to emails, and I will be able to ship orders after October 26th.

The Indigo Arts website has remained active over the last year and a half despite the widespread shutdowns due to the COVID-19 virus.   I have been able to resume regular operations.  I am able to pack and ship most orders within a few days.   Shipping times have increased during this period.  The gallery is open to visitors on an appointment only basis and according to city masking regulations.   Please phone or email ahead.  

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Happy Holidays from Indigo Arts

December 12, 2019 to January 4, 2020

Holiday Open Houses at the Gallery

Second Thursday, December 12, 1 - 7pm

Friday, December 13, 12 - 6pm 

Saturday, December 14, 11 - 3pm 

Saturday, December 21, 12 - 5pm


Regular Hours:  By appointment or by chance, 

Wed. to Sat, 12 to 6pm

and online at www.indigoarts.com

and look for Indigo Arts at the New York Outsider Art Fair in January 2020!

its a time to celebrate...  

and shop your way into the next decade 

Indigo Arts is blessed with the inspiration of artists all over the world.  Here are a few of this year's treasures:

Paintings, prints and signs from Botswana, Burkina Faso, Tanzania and Kenya.

Art in recycled metal from Haiti and Nigeria.

Paintings, prints and animalitos from Mexico, 

BhilGond and Mithila folk paintings from India.

Hand-dyed natural indigo textiles from Laos, Burkina Faso, Nigeria and Ivory Coast.

Paintings, drawings and sculpture by Cuban naifs, visionaries and outsiders.

Baskets from Swaziland,Namibia & South Africa.

Classic and contemporary paintings and drapo Vodou from Haiti.

Art and Ornaments made from Recycled Metal in Kenya, Vietnam and Madagascar.

Ornaments from Mexico and Peru and Nativities from Peru and Mozambique.

Wishing all a New Year of Peace and Healing for our earth!

Felipe Morales - El Hombre Carinoso
SKU: FMo-13

(Image size 29 x 19cm - 8 3/4" x 6 1/2")
#2/20, 2007

$490 framed

SKU: TT-1402

August., 2013
Oil enamel on canvas (18" h x 18"w) (45 x 45cm).


Green Springbok
SKU: QGK-1501

Qgam Khaxa (b. 1965, signs QGQM) - Khoisan people, Ghanzi, Botswana
Reduction linocut, #11/16, 2002
(11 1/4" h. x 17"w. image size on 19 3/4" x 22 1/2" sheet)

Born in the Ghanzi district, Qgam joined the Kuru Art Project in 1997. Through his art, he portrays a deep knowledge of the animals, the veld and the traditions of his people. He is a good traditional dancer and often takes part in dance ceremonies in the village. Along with the other Kuru artists, his work has been exhibited worldwide. He attended the Thapong International Artists workshop in Botswana in 1999 and found it a very enriching experience. He enjoyed working with different artists but seems not to have been influenced by their styles, which differs widely from his own.  (Bio courtesy of Kuru Art Project).


Nativity (#4)
SKU: DNO-1504

Carved wood sculpture, painted.
(9 1/4" h. x 7" w. x 8 1/4" d.).


Vintage Indigo Strip-weave Baule Cloth Pillow

Vintage Baule cloth cotton strip-weave fabric dyed with natural indigo dye.  One of a kind pillow designed and constructed in United States with antique fabric from the Baule people of the Ivory coast.  18" x 18" pillow with linen backing.


Indigo Scarf/Runner from Laos

Handwoven cotton fabric dyed with natural indigo dye (75" x 15").


Market Day
SKU: EZD-1901

Oil on canvas (20 x 24), with original handcarved frame, 1969.

Price on Request

Mithila painting
SKU: MTP-1708

Undetermined artist - Madhubani, Bihar, India
Ink and paint on paper
(30" h. x 22" w. )


Product Status: 
SKU: MRR-1006

Recycled steel oil-drum
(34 1/2" h. x 12"w. ), c.2010

$ 325

Product Status: 
Two-headed Red Deer - Bhuri Bai
SKU: BHB1309

Bhuri Bai - Pitol, Jhabua, Madhya Pradesh State, India
Acrylic on paper
(14 5/8" h. x 21 5/8" w. )


Product Status: 
Perro Azul
SKU: ARMJ-1901

Armando Jimenez, Antonia Carrillo and Alejandro Jimenez
Arrazola, Oaxaca, Mexico, 2019
Wood painted with acrylic paints
(13" w. x 6 1/2" d. x 12" h.)


Product Status: 
Krishna and the Gopis
SKU: SHLK-1902

Shalini Karn - Madhubani, Bihar, India
Ink on paper (15” x 11” on 16” x 12” sheet).


Product Status: 
Garden of Eden
SKU: TF-1903

Hammered aluminum relief
(15 5/8" h x 10 1/8"w).


Product Status: 
Ritual de las Ofrendas
SKU: RDM-1901

Huichol "Nierika" yarn painting by
Rogelio Diaz M.
Nayarit, Mexico, c. 2018
Yarn pressed into beeswax on plywood
(12" x 12")


Product Status: 
God is My Barber - Mini Signboard
SKU: BS-448

Babs - Burkina Faso, 2019
Oil paint on plywood (8" x 11")


Product Status: 
Juan Diego y la Virgen
SKU: NL-1914

Nicolas Lorenzo
Acrylic paint on masonite w/ clear lacquer.
(12" x 8"), c.2018


Product Status: 
Three Birds in a Tree

By Dieufait (Croix des Bouquets, Haiti)
Recycled steel oil-drum (15.5" x 15.5")


Product Status: 
Lions and Rhinos at Battle
SKU: KGA-0802

n.d. (late 20th century)
Ink and colored pencil on paper (15" h x 20"w).  Framed

Price on Request

Product Status: