Antique Nupe Door
SKU: NPD-1801

Door with relief carving of crocodile and other elements.  Nupe people, Nigeria, mid-20th century.  
Wood with organic & mineral pigments, metal nails and other hardware.
(58 1/4" h. x 15 1/2" w. x 1 1/2" d.)

Bamana Crocodile Figure
SKU: AFS-071

Bamana people, Mali, mid-20th century.
Wood with organic & mineral pigments.
(5 1/4" h. x 6 1/4" w. x 31" l.)

SKU: NDB-9101

Ndabagera - Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Oil on canvas (17 1/2" h x 35 1/2"w)


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The Swimmer and the Crocodile Pushtoy
SKU: AFR-Folk11

Zimbabwe, c.1995
wood and steel wire painted with oil paint
(7" h. x 7" w. x 18 1/2" d. plus wire handle)
Colors and exact design vary.

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