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The Indigo Arts website has remained active during the widespread shutdowns due to the COVID-19 virus.   Under current rules I have been able to resume operations but still must limit visitors to the gallery, by appointment only.   I am monitoring orders and responding to inquiries.  I am now able to pack and ship most orders within a few days.   Shipping times, particularly by USPS, have increased during this period.  Please stay safe!


Rodolfo Morales (Oaxaca, Mexico, 1925-2001)
SKU: ROM-3500J

Collage - mixed media on paper (14" x 20") in original hand-made tin frame (17" x 23"), c.1997
Provenance: private collection. Originally purchased at Phoenix Gallery, Washington, DC.

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Red Dogs
SKU: PSMN-1601

Petionville, Haiti, 2003
Oil on canvas with steel frame by artist (30" x 40").
Note:  This painting was donated by the collector to the non-profit organization, Outreach to Haiti, and is offered for sale to raise funds for their charitable activities in Haiti.  You may learn more about that norganization at Outreach to Haiti.

Red Birds and Dogs
SKU: JJS-9504

Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Oil on Canvas
(48 x 36), 1995.  Framed.
From private collection.

Rodolfo Morales
SKU: ROM-1101

Serigraph (25 1/2 x 19 1/2), #42/100 1996

Provenance: present owner purchased from Galeria Coqui, Seattle, WA, 11/28/97

Price on Request
Perro que no sale no encuentra hueso (The dog who doesn't go out doesn't get the bone)
SKU: RVG-95213

(San Antonio, Texas),
From "Dichos" series.  
Mixed media (acrylic, oil, sand) on sheet metal with wood frame by artist (36" x 36", 37 1/2" x 37 1/2" including frame), 1995.
From private collection.

Timothy Fisher (Cornwall, Vermont, USA)

Timothy Fisher (Cornwall, Vermont, USA)
Mixed media on paper (17 1/4 x 19), 2003

$800 (framed)
El Gallo y Dos Perros
SKU: MM-9903

(Miami, Florida, born in Cuba)
Oil on canvas (22x30), 1998.  Framed.
From private collection.

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Enrique Flores
SKU: EFl-12

Enrique Flores (Oaxaca, Mexico),
Woodcut, #1,5,6/20 (17 1/2" x 31 1/4"), 2010

Framed also available

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Peruvian Retablo
SKU: PRTB-22-1

Claudio Jimenez (Peru), c.2009
Painted plaster sculpture in painted wood box
(9 3/4" h. x 11 3/4" w. x 3" d.)
Designs will vary.

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La Casa de los Perros (House of Dogs) Retablo
SKU: PRTB-22-2

Claudio Jimenez Quispe (Peru), c.2014
Painted plaster sculpture w/ wood, other materials in painted wood box.
(9 1/2" h. x 12" w. x 3" d.)

Note:  Due to their fragility we can no longer ship these retablos out of the U.S. except by special arrangement.  Custom art-handler packing and shipping required.  Please inquire for estimate.

Perro y Pajaros
SKU: MM-9908

(Miami, Florida, born in Cuba)
Oil on Board (18" x 24"), 1998

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Perro Moreno
SKU: MM-9909

(Miami, Florida, born in Cuba)
Oil on plywood (24" x 24"), 1998.

Fauna Circense - Jose Eddie Martinez
SKU: EDM-0601

(image size 9 3/4" x 7"), #18/30

$525 framed
Perro Negro
SKU: MM-9911

(Miami, Florida, born in Cuba)
Oil on canvas (24" x 18"), 1998.  Framed.

Enrique Flores
SKU: EFl-15

Aquatint, # 5/30
(19 3/8" x 8 5/8"), 2008

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Perro Azul
SKU: ARMJ-1901

Armando Jimenez, Antonia Carrillo and Alejandro Jimenez
Arrazola, Oaxaca, Mexico, 2019
Wood painted with acrylic paints
(13" w. x 6 1/2" d. x 12" h.)

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Por Unos Ojos Negros
SKU: FE0-0607

Woodcut (5 7/8" x 6 1/8" image on 13 1/4" x 12 1/4" sheet)
9/30, 2006

SKU: blm01

Dance of Diablado
late-20th cent.
Unpainted tin from recycled alcohol cans
(11" w. x 15" d. x 12" h.)

The cunning wolf, a symbol most likely adapted from the European tradition in place of the puma.

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Dog Mask, Bali

Ida Anom Suryawan - Bali, Indonesia, c.2010
Wood, leather, animal and artificial hair, inner-tube rubber, oil-based paints.
(6" w. x 5" d. x 7 1/2" h., not counting all that hair)

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Blue Dog on Yellow
SKU: YVA-2001

Yva - Timoun Rezistans artist, Grand Rue (Port-au-Prince, Haiti)
Tempera, acrylic on recycled cardboard.
(15" x 11 3/4”), c. 2019