Indigo Arts' Philadelphia gallery space is closed as I move upstairs to a new space on the fourth floor of the Crane Building.  I hope to be up and running again later in May, on a "by appointment or by chance" basis.  Meanwhile, the Indigo Arts online gallery is operating as usual, though shipments may be delayed a bit.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions in the mean time.



Bottle-cap Tote-Bag
SKU: RC-75

Recycled bottle-caps and wire (12" l. x 6" d. x 6 1/2" h. plus handle)
Assorted colors & designs.


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Temporarily out of stock
Papier Mache-covered Bowls
SKU: Papbowl-lg

Wola Nani!
Papier Mache-covered Bowls
South Africa
Fabulous bowls decorated with colorful labels from sardine, pilchard and other cans! Made and sold to raise money for the South African AIDS charity, Wola Nani.

Comes in assorted colors/designs.
(10"diam. x 5" h.)

$42 each
Product Status: 
Temporarily out of stock