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Gods and Goddesses

Festival for Shango
SKU: YF-2305

Oshogbo, Nigeria, c.1990
Hammered aluminum relief
(12 1/4" h. x 21 1/2” w.)


Naina Jogin (the eye goddess)
SKU: MHXD-2120

Madhubani, Bihar, India
2019.  Acrylic on paper (19 1/2” x 12 3/4” on 22” x 15” sheet).

The artist explains:  "A character that is painted in the nuptial chamber in Mithila. She is supposed to bless the newlywed couple, protect them from evil eye and also to ensure conjugal warmth forever.  I thoroughly enjoy doing this image again and again especially the eye. It is so simple and the effect hypnotic."



Egungun Festival
SKU: TF-2306

Oshogbo, Nigeria, c.2007
Hammered aluminum relief
(7 7/8" h x 10 1/8" w).