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Catastrophe de 12 Janvier
SKU: MD-1103

Sequins and beads on fabric
(43 1/2" x 45 1/2"), c.2010

This flag is Mireille's response to the ctastrophe of the Jan 12th, 2010 earthquake, in which she lost several family members and her home. It depicts representatives of Haiti's three primary religions - Catholicism, Vodou and Protestant Christianity - praying among the rubble and the dead. Another 'earthquake flag" by Mireille Delice was featured in the profile of her in the Fall/Winter, 2011 issue of Hand/Eye Magazine This flag is extremely densely beaded and sequinned (and thus extremely heavy), in the manner of the artists Constant and Simeon.

$ 3,200

Animals in Political Conference
SKU: T77-0409

Ink, watercolor & acrylic on paper
(24" h x 18"w).


Tanzania Uganda War (War in Uganda)
SKU: TT-1418

March, 2014
Oil enamel on canvas (31 1/2" x 39 1/4") (80cm x 100cm).  With custom framing.

$1200 Framed

The East African Slave and Ivory Trade
SKU: TT-1503

Oil enamel on canvas (31.5" x 39.5") (80cm x 100cm).


Indian Ocean Tsunami
SKU: GCH1101

Patachitra Story Scroll
Gurupada Chitrakar - West Bengal, India
c. 2010
Water-based paint on paper
(112" h. x 22" w.)


Nicolas de Jesus
SKU: NDJ-1008

Color etching on handmade amate bark paper
(10 3/4" x 6 3/4" plate size on 25 1/4" x 15 1/2" sheet), #83/150, n.d.


The September 11th Attacks and the War in Afghanistan (version 2)
SKU: GCH0702

Patachitra Story Scroll
Gurupada Chitrakar - West Bengal, India
c. 2007
Water-based paint on paper
(118 1/2" h. x 22" w. )



Gerard Fortuné - Gun Battle
SKU: GF-1203

Gerard Fortuné (Port-au-Prince, Haiti)
Oil on canvas (27 x 41), c.1990.
Vintage Gerard from a private collection.
 Painting will be shipped rolled.

$675 $607.50

SKU: DTH-1402

(Port-au-Prince, Haiti)
Recycled wire, steel, mixed metals, paint.
(19" h. x 15" w. x 2 1/2" d.), c. 2013


Nicolas de Jesus - El Intruso

Color etching on handmade amate bark paper
(9 1/2" x 12 1/2" plate size on 13 1/2" x 16 1/2" sheet), #3/150, 2008

$ 325

Engenho Puxado A Escravos (Sugar Mill Powered by Slaves)
SKU: JFB-213

José Francisco Borges (Bezerros, Brazil),
Woodcut print on paper (13 1/2" x 20" image on 19" x 26" sheet), 2005


Lampiao e Maria Bonita no Sertao (Lampiao and Maria Bonita in the Sertao)

José Miguel da Silva (Bezerros, Pernambuco, Brazil), 2006
Woodcut print on paper (13 1/2" x 19 1/2" image on 26" x 19" sheet)


Fujindo da Seca (Fleeing the Drought) - black and white
SKU: JFB-81b

José Francisco Borges (Brazil),
Woodcut print on paper (image size 12" x 19 5/8", sheet size 19" x 26"), 1999


Pecadillo Americano
SKU: NDJ-1502

Color etching on handmade amate bark paper
(5 1/8" x 3 1/8" plate size on 11 1/2" x 7 1/2" sheet), #13/250, c.2009


SKU: hmsk-45

Unknown artist (Jacmel, Haiti)
Papier Maché
(9" h. x 8" w. x 3" d.) c.2010

Exhibited at Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center, Millville, New Jersey (July to December, 2016) for exhibit:  Shades of Past, Colors of Present:  Preserving Caribbean Cultural Heritage in New Jersey.

$ 45

Givanildo Borges

Givanildo Borges (Brazil), 2004
Woodcut print on paper (9 x 4 1/2)

Maria Bonita and her partner Lampiao were legendary bandits in Northeast Brazil.  See original photos below.


Abraão Batista

Abraão Batista (Juareiro do Norte, Ceara, Brazil)
Woodcut print on paper (5 1/2 x 2 3/4), 2007


SKU: GF-1710

Oil and latex paint on "canvas" (39 1/4” x 59 1/2”), 1994.  
Vintage Gerard from a private collection.
Note:  Painting suffered in several years of storage by the artist (as described below) and has some areas of cracking and chipping of the paint.  Restoration work is recommended once painting is stretched.  Painting will be shipped rolled.

The owner of the painting provides the following notes on its subject and history:
Painted in 1994.  Bought in March 2007.  Gerard repainted some damaged areas prior to sale in 2007.  Artist put date (1994) on painting at the request of Jean Marie Bien Aimé.  The painting is a visual of an Aristide slogan whereby everyone in a democracy is able to share at the bountiful table.  The US soldiers (not UN) are Aristide's helpful agents in the desire for democratization of Haiti, where everyone has a place.  
When the painting was bought Gerard still maintained his support for Aristide.  He had hid the painting because he felt that his political opinion was dangerous.  The different political factions violence has been omnipresent on the Haitian landscape.


Price on Request

Parade Before the Presidential Palace
SKU: GED-2001

Oil and acrylic on board (16 x 24), c.1972.  Framed in original hand-made frame (note chip and crack in frame on inside, right side)
Puchased from Nader's Art Gallery, Port-au-Prince, in 1973.

Price on Request

Sur la Route Arcahaie Saint Marc.  En Plaine du Cul-de-Sac.  Le Pont Cassé Situé Avant Source Puante
SKU: GED-2002

Oil and acrylic on board (16 x 24), c.1972 (framed in original hand-made frame)
Puchased from Nader's Art Gallery, Port-au-Prince, in 1973.

Price on Request