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Antique Nupe Door
SKU: NPD-1801

Door with relief carving of crocodile and other elements.  Nupe people, Nigeria, mid-20th century.  
Wood with organic & mineral pigments, metal nails and other hardware.
(58 1/4" h. x 15 1/2" w. x 1 1/2" d.)

10% off

$2800 $2520

SKU: MOB-0291I

Linocut, (image size 31" x 16 1/4")
#17/50, 1994

$775 framed

No Good Choices! - Steven (Said A.) Mkumba
SKU: TT-1502

Steven (Said A.) Mkumba (b. 1963) - Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania
February, 2013
Oil enamel on canvas (27 1/2" h x 39 3/8"w) (70cm x 100cm)


Rajendra Shyam Kumar
SKU: Gond-14

Acrylic on paper
(10" h. x 14" w. )

Price includes frame

10% off

$320 $288

Abraão Batista

Abraão Batista (Juareiro do Norte, Ceara, Brazil)
Woodcut print on paper (13 x 21), #5/50, 1985


Dragon/Reptile mask
SKU: MXM-152

State unknown, possibly Guerrero, Mexico,
late-20th century
wood, oil paint
(9.5” h. x 7.5” w. x 4.75” d.)
From a private collection.


Dubu Bariya
SKU: Bhil-5

Dubu Bariya - Patangarh, Madhya Pradesh State, India
Acrylic on paper
(11" h. x 14" w. )

10% off

$185 $166.50

The Snake Goddess Manasa

Montu Chitrakar - West Bengal, India
Late 20th cent.
Water-based paint on paper
(15" h. x 11" w. )


SKU: hcs-10

c. 2006
Beads pressed into beeswax on wood sculpture
(2" w. x 10" l. x 1/2" h.)
Designs will vary


Painted Crocodile (medium size)
SKU: ZIM-11-Med

Recycled soda-can and wire animal, hand-painted
(approx. 2 1/4" h. x 4 1/2" w. x 10" l.)


SKU: hcs-07

Huichol people, Nayarit, Mexico, c. 2006
Beads pressed into beeswax on wood sculpture
(1 1/2" w. x 6 1/2" l. x 1/2" h.)
Designs will vary

$32 each

Tin Can Alligator
SKU: rc-75

Recycled wire, tin or aluminum cans with glass marble eyes
Come in assorted colors (blue soda can shown)
(approx. 10" long)

10% off

$19 each $17.10 ea

Lounge Lizard
SKU: hs-sm390

(Croix des Bouquets, Haiti)
Recycled steel oil-drum (7" x 4 1/2")