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La Sirena y el monstruo marino
SKU: LVA-9503

San Antonino, Oaxaca, Mexico, c.1995.
Fired clay figures painted with acrylic paints, steel wire.
(23.5” h. x  16” w. x 32” d.)

Note:  This piece requires special art handling/crating/shipping.  Please inquire for estimate.


Gayon Fire Monster - "Wayang Kulit" Javanese Shadow Puppet

Wayang Kulit Shadow puppet from Java, Indonesia, mid-20th century.
Water buffalo hide body painted with water-based paints, with buffalo horn handle.  (32” h. x 18” w. x 1/2” d., 40 1/2“ h. including handle.)

The "Kayon" (gayon) puppet is used in every performance to begin and end the show, to mark scene divisions, to represent the natural elements, extreme emotions, and a palace, home, forest or other type of place." 


O Dragao Do Reino Dos Encantos (2020)
SKU: JFB-194

José Francisco Borges (Bezerros, Brazil),
Woodcut print on paper (15" x 18 1/4" image on 19" x 26" sheet), 2020