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Red Birds and Dogs
SKU: JJS-9504

Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Oil on Canvas
(48 x 36), 1995.  Framed.
From private collection.

20% off

$3200 $2560

Spirit with Blue Birds - Prospere Pierre-Louis (Port-au-Prince, Haiti, 1947 - 1996)
SKU: PPL-1303

Acrylic on board (24" x 24"), 1991

Ex. collection of Fritz Racine


Bird in the Flowers
SKU: PJV-2401

Oil on Board
(24 x 24), c.1970
Provenance: private collection


Roberto Torres Lameda
SKU: RTL0207

Oil on Canvas (23" x 15 1/2", 58cm x 40cm), 2002
Framed by the artist.

$1500 (framed)

St.-Pierre Toussaint
SKU: SPT-1501

Oil on canvas (24" x 36") with original hand-carved frame, c.1978
Condition note: some cracking of paint surface.

10% off

$1,500 $1,350

Bobo Bird Mask

Bobo people, Burkina Faso
wood w/ mineral pigments
( 28 1/2" h. x 10 1/2" w. x 9 1/2" d.)


Woman in Red
SKU: MMS-2001

(Miami, Florida, born in Cuba)
Oil on masonite board (42.5" x 29", 107cm x 74cm), 2002. 
Ex collection of Norman Girardot and Diane LaBelle.


The Rooster and the Chameleon
SKU: TT-1508

February, 2014
Oil enamel on canvas (271/2" h x 19 3/4"w) (70 x 50cm).


Sin Titulo (Birds and People) - Mario Mesa
SKU: MM-9906

(Miami, Florida ,born in Cuba)
Oil, acrylic on board (25x19), 1997


Fon Gelede Mask with Bird
SKU: AFM-2001

Fon, Benin, late 20th century
Wood with red, green, yellow, black, white oil paint, with fabric hinge for wings, nylon strings (19"h. x 8 1/2"w. x 10" d.).  Wings and head of bird are operable by pulling strings.  
Ex. collection of Nancy Josephson.  Purchased by collector in Benin, c.2000.


Bird Loa
SKU: DSP-1702

Port-au-Prince, Haiti.  1983
Oil on Canvas (20" x 16").
Signature written in pencil.

Ex. Collection of Dr. Robert Brictson.


Woman with Bird
SKU: GBA-2112

Recycled steel oil-drum (25" h. x 19" w. x 3" d.), Croix-des-Bouquets, Haiti, 2021


Escenas Fantásticas (birds in the corn)
SKU: JGM-2301

(Cienfuegos, Cuba),
Acrylic and ink on Paper (14" x 18"), 1998
Provenance: private collection.

Condition excellent, existing frame is chipped.


Yellow Bird with Green Head
SKU: SPT-1701

Oil on canvas (20" x 21") with metal frame, c.1970's.
Ex. Collection of Jonathan Demme.



Green Bird - St.-Pierre Toussaint
SKU: SPT1502

Oil on masonite (37" x 12") with original hand-carved frame, c. 1980
Condition note: small hole in masonite approx. 1" below top center.


José Ignacio Fletes Cruz - Las Garzas en los Arboles

José Ignacio Fletes Cruz (Leon, Nicaragua)
Oilon canvas (16 x 20), 2008


La ley de Mas Fuerte
SKU: MMS-9905

(Miami, Florida, born in Cuba)
Oil on plywood (24" x 24"), 1998


Canales Cruzados
SKU: JRB-0102

Oil & acrylic on Canvas, Framed
(24 x 25), 2000

Price includes frame

10% off

$675 $607.50

The Kingdom of Birds
SKU: TF-2302

Oshogbo, Nigeria, c.2007
Hammered aluminum relief
(20" h. x 16” w).


Pelea de Gallos
SKU: PBA-0102

(San Cristobal, Cuba),
Oil on Canvas (18 x 24), 2001